Welcome to Our Program of Choice

What is a STEAM program?  Simply put, add the “Arts” to STEM.  We believe students are more successful when the arts are integrated across all subjects and curriculum.  Students don’t “learn art,” they learn to apply art to real-world solutions through creative thinking, problem-solving and collaborative efforts.


We want to challenge preconceptions, encourage divergent thinking, and fuel passionate learning in an environment that fosters opportunity for success and failure. We want to create…


  • We approach challenges with a creative mindset and find innovative solutions by exploring multiple possibilities to unanswered questions.

Fearless thinkers:

  • We challenge the norm as fearless and resilient thinkers, embracing failures as an opportunity to better our ideas.

Critical minds:

  • We pursue all possibilities with a critical eye while simultaneously assessing and reflecting on our decisions to ensure the optimum outcome.


  • We accept that while growing as individuals, our goals are better met with a willingness to delegate, communicate, and synthesize our ideas with others in an effective and professional manner.

Altruistic citizens:

  • We strive to not only be responsible and ethical members of our communities but also remain empathetic to how our ideas impact the world around us on a local and global scale.

Diligently following the FBHS STEAM vision empowers individuals to explore their creative voices.