Welcome to Our Program of Choice

STEAM Program at Flowery Branch High School is an Honors Engineering Program where students learn to apply art concepts in real world engineering and technology solutions. Through innovative classroom instruction and access to cutting-edge technology, students collaborate to create authentic projects that combine science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, building the foundation for their academic and career-related futures. Classroom experiences are further enhanced with real-world application through STEAM field trips, competitions, and presentations from industry professionals.

For more information, please review our additional pages or contact STEAM Coordinator Chelsey Woodall: chelsey.woodall@hallco.org

2022 STEAM Applications are open below!

To view the full application timeline, access our STEAM Application page.


Davis Middle School STEAM Club is now accepting applications for Fall 2021!

Watch our STEAM Club intro video below and access the club application  HERE.

Spring 2021 STEAM Showcase

For information sessions from this year’s STEAM Showcase, please see the video below. Timestamps for each rising class are listed below. Juniors and seniors are grouped together as we cover STEAM Capstone Information, which both grade levels should be familiar with.

  • Rising 9th Graders: Start – 8:50
  • Rising 10th Graders: 8:50-14:42
  • Rising 11th and 12th Graders: 21:40