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Partners in Education, created and coordinated by the Greater Hall Chamber of

Commerce, is a joint effort with the Chamber of Commerce, Hall County and Gainesville City School Systems. Established in 1990, the program has supported the formation of over 250 business-education partnerships which serve to enrich the educational process to strengthen our schools. These partnerships foster closer links between schools and the business community and are essential in preparing a better educated workforce, thereby supporting economic development.

The program helps to bridge the gap between the community and its schools for the mutual benefit of students and the residents of Gainesville-Hall County. Business partners engaged in the program will gain firsthand experience the many benefits the program offers. Successful collaboration and cultivated relationships will afford both partners many rewards and satisfaction if the right components are in place.


To establish and foster a voluntary cooperative relationship between the school and industry through their mutual adoption of one another and to support and enrich the existence of both.

~What is Partners in Education?

Partners in Education (PIE) is a cooperative effort of the Greater Hall Chamber of

Commerce, Gainesville City Schools and Hall County Schools. From mentors and tutors, to attendance contests, rewards for high achievement to providing supplemental instruction and motivational recognition for student achievement, the impact of the partnerships and quality of involvement is exceptional.

PIE program supports quality education and promotes a better understanding among schools and businesses with an objective to assist all students in developing valuable skills that will prove useful for years to come.

  • Partners and schools choose their level of involvement, which may include volunteering,
  • in-kind contributions or financial assistance
  • A school and its partner design activities each year that are mutually beneficial. A partnership
  • is not a one-way relationship; it takes both parties to develop a meaningful collaboration
  • Defining roles and responsibilities helps minimize problems that could materialize later
  • Determine resources and needs of both school and community partners
  • Each partnership is unique in its relationship with each school and is individually planned by
  • the school and the partner
  • Partners are as diverse as the schools they champion
  • Whether you are a small business or a major corporation, our schools need you.
  • Business partners should support the core mission of the school

Partners In Education Handbook